27 June to 29 August 2018


Elbtonal Percussion "Urban Drums"
As part of the MDR music summer

Saturday, 14 July | 19:30 | Schloss Elisabethenburg | Schlosshof

Just drums? Anyone asking this question has never heard of Elbtonal Percussion and has yet to immerse themselves in the wide world of sound this ensemble conjures up on stage. The four percussionists go on a deliberate journey of discovery, well beyond drumming standards and prove how melodious and versatile pure rhythm instruments can be. Their program »Urban Drums« takes you through musical history, genres and soundscapes by skilfully building bridges between old masters and modern sound. Bach meets beats, breathtaking virtuosity is combined with intoxicating sound collages and sublime classical music juxtaposed with the pulse of the big city. The ensemble Elbtonal creates exciting contrasts in the magnificent courtyard of Meiningen's baroque Elisabethenburg palace.


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In case of rain: Stadtkirche

Kimmo Pohjonen "Skin"
In cooperation with the Meiningen Museums

Saturday, 21 July | 20:00 | Schloss Elisabethenburg | Schlosshof

Kimmo Pohjonen – accordion, electronics, vocals
Inka Pohjonen – guitar, electronics, vocals
Saana Pohjonen – drums, vocals

Playing customized electronic accordion, Kimmo Pohjonen shatters boundaries, pushing sound, composition and performance to their extremes.
Pohjonen has been involved in many projects in folk, rock, dance, theatre, electronic, contemporary and avant-garde music. Sound and light design are crucial elements of the performances, creating events that are thrilling both acoustically and visually.
His performances and his music have been called revolutionary, astounding audiences and critics alike with their uncompromising intensity and originality. Over a process of several years' work, Pohjonen has essentially invented a new instrument making the organ come alive electronically through his accordion.


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In case of rain: Schlosskirche

Voxid "Shades of Light" I Vocal pop

Sunday, 5 August | 17:00 | Stadtkirche


VOXID consists of two female and three male singers who make use of their enormous musicality to express themselves through their 5 exceptional voices. For a long time, the German a capella landscape essentially consisted of two main trends: adapting yesteryear's evergreens and writing original, predominantly humorous songs in the German language à la Comedian Harmonists, which were barely taken notice of outside of the a capella community. VOXID disregard those trends and write moving and danceable English-language pop music.



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Sarah Ferri "Displeasure"

Saturday, 11 August | 20:00 | Schloss Elisabethenburg | Schlosshof


A young, charming woman from Belgium with Italian blood in her veins is electrifying listeners across Europe. The singer, pianist and composer Sarah Ferri has already impressed music critics and her growing audience with her debut album »Ferritales«. Ferri writes her own songs featuring influences from bossa nova, gypsy retro swing and blues, even combining spaghetti western with punk-style Patti Smith samples.
Ferris' interpretations are always powerful thanks to her dark, velvety voice. Even though the influence of her musical role models Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday and Nina Simone is clearly noticeable, her new album »Displeasure» showcases her own unique signature blend of soul, jazz and pop.

"Is this woman from another world? "I often have the feeling that I am an alien, both in Belgium and in Italy. In Italy, they think I'm restrained and aloof, in Flanders exactly the opposite." We are convinced that her image in Germany will settle in the golden mean and conquer an exciting niche: that of a great artist with a daring voice, whose songs combine fifties, sixties and seventies music with modern-day sassiness."

Q-rious music


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In case of rain: Schlosskirche

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